Welcome @ DASMEC

The First IEEE International Workshop on Data Analytics and Service Modeling for Edge Computing

Data Analytics and Service Modeling for Edge Computing (DASMEC) is an international workshop aimed to bring research advances in Edge computing. Its focus is on analytics for automatizing services management and improving the performance of computing at the Edge, and on modelling new computing services for the optimized deployment of applications at the Edge. There are many challenges in this domain, which concern not only the design and implementation of new infrastructures and algorithms but also the optimization of isolated or collaborative edge systems with a view to environmental and economic sustainability.

The workshop aims to stimulate discussion on issues relating to the use of Edge devices in different application areas such as smart cities, transport systems, health, environmental monitoring, digital twins, metaverse, etc., addressing issues related to the optimized management of edge resources, collaborative processing at the edge and (near)-realtime Edge computing.  

The goal of DASMEC is to bring together researchers and people from academies and the industrial world working on innovative data analytics and service models for Edge computing, so that they can share their ideas, discuss work in progress and identify emerging trends in this challenging research area.